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Mountaineering boots

                One of the most important pieces of gear when traversing or making your way to your favorite ungroomed slope are a trusty pair of mountaineering boots.  The quality of these boots is paramount, and for that reason you can expect to drop a couple hundred dollars on these superb pieces of footwear. However, as long as you don’t outgrow them, the boots will last, in comparison to your other shoes. The wear and tear of the harshest elements are applied to these shoes, so the construction is rigorous and the materials are even more so. Historically, treated leather was the material of choice for its malleability in crafting and its endurance during use. More recently, the development of high strength materials has lead to the inclusion of all sorts of alternatives. However, even today mountaineering boots are most commonly leather based with some composite materials used in the soles.

                Crampons are another important consideration for mixed hikes and climbs. When the conditions include steep grades, packed snow, ice, and almost any glacial maneuvering at all, crampons are a must. These go along with the typical high strength and warmth boots that you’ll wear and they should isolate the ankle movement to prevent injury. Proper shoes as well as the other essential pieces of gear to arrest slides or possible crevasses are absolutely necessary for a good mountaineering expedition.