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Ski gear
Ski gear is wide enough to incorporate the mundane and obvious ski pokes, skies, and boots, all the way down to the small details like pocket warmers, music for your favorite run, and avalanche transponders.

Mountaineering boots
Mountaineering boots come in many configurations from comfortable, flexible, and breathable summer time hiking boots, to crampon-laden, fur-lined, ankle isolators that will help you scale any slope.

Ski helmets
Ski helmets are one of the only safety pieces of gear that most skiers and snowboarders will wear, but it can be interfaced with some minimal avalanche radio transponder gear as well as music players.

Ski chalet
A ski chalet is historically a small shepherds hut in the Swiss Alps, however it has been modernized by various marketing companies to represent a homely resort location from beaches to slopes.

Ski mask
A ski mask or balaclava is vital to being sure that you do not protract a vicious case of wind burn on your face as goggle eyes or raccoon glasses are also commonly visible on the unprotected face.